The Desk Foundry was started to provide Europe and UK Regions with access to affordable height-adjustable desks. Our first desk was the standard height-adjustable model, this has proven to be a success and has various features such as dual motors and memory presets.

We struggled initially to get our desks manufactured and built. This took months of effort and we eventually managed to find someone who could assist us with the manufacturing process. We are a company based in Yorkshire, UK. We decided we wanted to offer reasonably priced desks with UK-based customer service and support.

There is great competition in this space including the world-renowned Flexispot, who are known for their great quality desks. This has made it quite a challenge to get into this space.

ET223T (37)
ET223T (37)

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We sell dual benching, 3 in 1 and normal height adjustable desks. Our best seller is the normal height adjustable desk listed here:

The dual benching desk/commercial desk is a special type of desk, it is designed for offices and workspaces. We recommend this for small and medium businesses. Check this desk out here:

The 3 in 1, is a unique type of desk. We are proud to offer this unique type of desk. It is able to take a larger weight of 150kg compared to our traditional height adjustable desk. This height-adjustable desk can be found here:

Have a look through our range of height-adjustable desks and get in contact via email at: