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We are here to help! Our team can support you with your office redesign and allow you to create the most suitable workspace that works for you. Sit stand desks can allow you to improve the ergonomics of your office setup.


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3 Stage Height Adjustable Desk in Office Setting
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3 Stage Height Adjustable Desk

The 3 Stage Standing Desk is the perfect desk, with a load capacity of 125kg and memory functionality. You can be assured that this desk will make your office experience that much better.

3 in 1 Height Adjustable Desk / Standing Desk - Image 1
Office Setup / 02

3 in 1 Standing Desk

A industry leader in flexibility and usage, the 3 in 1 height adjustable desk allows you to choose from a range of different angles and orientation to fit your office space. It can handle up to 150kg of weight.

Office/Commercial Dual Benching Desk - Standing Desks - Main Image
Office Setup / 03

The Commercial Office Desk

A solution made for office workspaces. We refer to this as dual-benching, where you can create a perfect workspace with desks that can switch between sitting and standing.

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