Height-adjustable desks are really useful for people who use a desk quite often throughout the day. There are numerous benefits including

  • Improving posture by switching the height from sitting to standing quickly throughout the day. This can easily be done by having an electric desk.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving circulation by allowing you to move more and sit less.
  • It boosts productivity and energy levels by standing throughout the day. This reduces fatigue and improves concentration.
  • It allows you to customise your home or office setup, making the user experience more comfortable.

Electric Or Manual

Generally, Height Adjustable Desks can come in a variety of different forms, such as Manual or Electric.

  • Electric height-adjustable desks, which use a motor to raise and lower the work surface, are typically easy to use. They usually come with a control panel or a remote control that allows the user to adjust the height with the press of a button.
  • Manual height adjustable desks, which use a hand crank or lever to raise and lower the work surface, may require more effort to adjust, but it is still easy to use for most people. They usually have a locking mechanism that keeps the work surface in place once the desired height is reached.

In summary, most height-adjustable desks are designed to be easy to use, but electric designs may be more user-friendly than others.

The Desk Foundry only sells electric desks. Providers such as https://flexispot.co.uk/ are also great providers of height-adjustable desks.